3 CR&S issues for SMEs to address in 2018: U.K

As this new year begins, businesses across the U.K are re-engaging with their respective Sustainability challenges.  Manoeuvring a business in this climate is becoming particularly difficult when considering recent technological advances, international trends and political uncertainty.  Recognising how to achieve a competitive advantage, could be the difference between sinking and swimming in the years to … Continue reading 3 CR&S issues for SMEs to address in 2018: U.K


Implementing Sustainability within the Workplace

You may have been tasked with implementing sustainability in your workplace, but what steps do you take and how do you demonstrate the value of the ideas that you have.   There is still room for improvement when considering senior buy-in with Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CRS).  In some of the offices I have worked … Continue reading Implementing Sustainability within the Workplace


Breaking Records: California Renewable Energy

  On March 11th 2017, the state of California was able to break an energy-provision record, where renewable energy accounted for more than 55% of power flowing through the grid for three hours.  Almost 40% of the electricity flowing across the grid came from large-scale solar power plants (Associated Press, April 11th 2017), consisting of … Continue reading Breaking Records: California Renewable Energy